Kit Kat - Break Ultime / the Ultimate Break - (2008) 2:50 (France)

From JWT France and directed by kama comes this epic tale of cubicle stress.

Xavier Beauregard (Creative)
Elisabeth Boite (Agency Producer)
Director : kama
Prod. Co. : Wanda Productions

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I love the look of this animation.

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I love the back stabbing duo.

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I like the blonde vamping it up, sashaying to and fro, and sticking her butt out at him as he passes. And then, once he does pass her, she looks around, and, not seeing anyone else, she breaks form, and trudges off....

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).
"Hey, barkeep, 2 Rock Over Hip-Hops and 1 Bach Over Vivaldi with ice."