Moia, the ministry of aliyah and immigration wants YOU to come get a higher education in Israel. To tempt you, they took a page from the man your man could smell like book, and doused it in funny showing the expected outcomes of the expected choices in life - versus the unexpected higher education in Israel. Awkward prom photos drab aisles in the supermarket, bad dates, awful internships, mom showing up with cakes and kisses. But then we have the alternative, the land of milk and honey (literally): "We have nano-tech, beaches, and babes who can speak hebrew!"
Oy, for once it would be nice if you were talking to us babes wanting a higher education at the same time, fellas. But A+ for effort, entertaining and intriguing, I might need to get a PHD in something where I get to wear a lab coat and play with high tech computers. Oh, and in the end, he's on a camel.

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Client: Moia

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