Knacki created a one-of-a-kind vending machine in time for the World Cup. When people pushed to get free balls they got way more than they expected...

Advertising Brand: Knacki FootBall Advert title: The Football Machine Advertising Agency: BBDO Belgium Agency website: Creative Director: Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz Art Director: Frédéric Zouag Copywriter: Nicolas Gaspart Account team: Sarah Van Praag, Michelle Stas, Niklaas Vanheukelom, Maarten Van De Vondel, Steve Leyseele Digital Strategic Planner: Jan Van Brakel Designer: Virginie Delaleu Advertiser Supervisor: Aline Petteau Director: Jaspers Stoefs, Stijn Van Den Bossche Producer: Filip Van Vangeffelen Production Agency: Made in Brussels Vending Machine Production: Plug n Play

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