Skoda positions itself as a rational, down to earth brand, which always comes up with practical solutions for the consumers.

So, when Skoda asked us to invite disabled people to take the specially prepared driving courses in their L-driving school, we didn't come up with another ad campaign..

We wanted to give disabled people a real proof that taking a Skoda L-driving course and getting a license can actually change their life for better.


Instead of a commercial, we gave our target an opportunity.

We divided media time into two seemingly separate ads. The second one was a real job vacancy available at the time when campaign was aired.


The campaign became breaking news on blogs, charity websites and other media, generating PR buzz for Skoda.

Creative directors: Ryszard Sroka, Jakub Korolczuk Copywriters: Tytus Klepacz, Adam Marzec Art director: Jan Jakub Zielecki