From the bottom up, Koodo’s new platform is mobile-optimized, engineered from the digital world to the traditional, hearkening to how people now predominantly consume their content. In developing the platform, Camp Jefferson’s creative exploration started with the most important screen in people’s lives — the mobile phone — and was inspired by the ‘bite-sized’ content people seek out and want to share. The result was a brand platform that references the responsive grid-based thinking of the digital realm, that’s highly flexible and can be sliced and diced in different ways, and easily deployed across a range of media. “Choose Happy” will be an enduring platform with work rolling out consistently over the next few years.

"A light went off when we realized that our client's product could be our main media vehicle,” said Paul Little, Executive Creative Director at Camp Jefferson. “This lead us to create a platform that was built to work in the way we consume media on our smartphones. In essence it's a tiled, modular system that can be assembled into anything -- from multiple units that become TV commercials to individual pieces that act as content to be shared and enjoyed on social channels."

Client: Koodo Mobile VP, Marketing Communications: Dan Quick Director, Marketing Communications: Lise Doucet Manager, Marketing Communications: Dragana Simao Manager Quebec, Marketing Communications: Jennifer Robertson Agency: Camp Jefferson Executive Creative Director: Paul Little Associate Creative Director: Julie Nikolic, Chris Obergfell Copywriter: Paul Little, Rich Cooper, Michelle Colistro, Stefan Wegner Art Director: Julie Nikolic, Andrew Passas, Chris Obergfell, Caroline Friesen Designer: Andrew Passas, Mo Bofill Tech Lead: Thomas Schemmer Director of Integrated Production, Producer: Jen Mete Print Production Manager: Marietta Sterman Integrated Production Coordinator: Lily Tran SVP, Managing Partner: Peter Bolt VP, Director of Planning: Andre Louis VP, Director of Social and Innovation: Ian Barr Social Content Strategist: Chris Campaner VP, Director of Client Services: Edith Rosa Account Supervisors: Lisa Taylor, Suyi Hua, Melanie Abbott Account Coordinator: Sabrina Zavarise French Agency: K72 Copywriter: Marc-Andre Savard Art Director: Sebastien Boulanger VP, Strategy: Michelle-Alex Lessard Account Director: Rosalie Laflamme Account Coordinator: Genevieve Turmel