Well here's a great idea that solves an actual problem. You know-- the way advertising should. A lot of folks are drunk riding bicycles in Japan. To help prevent this, Grey Tokyo and Koowho created Alcoholock: a breathalyzer for your bike. More than that though, it's connected via bluetooth to your smart phone. So if you've had one too many, the bike not only stays locked, but your phone alerts your loved ones so they can yell at you convince you not to try and ride home, but to walk your bike home. If that person in your life refuses to take responsibility for their actions, a little walk of shame never hurts. Great idea, and hopefully it'll save lives, too.

Client: KOOWHO Advert title(s): ALCOHO-LOCK Translation of headline to English: DON’T DRINK & RIDE. Advertising Agency: Grey Tokyo, Japan, Grey Singapore Agency website: http://grey.co.jp/ Executive Creative Director: Yasushi Ogata Senior Copywriter: Hideaki Sato Senior Art Director: Takanori Sakamoto Project Manager: Sandeep Bhardwaj Device & App Development: Mayank Kushwaha Producer: Shinichi Kuwabara Producer: Tetsushi Kondo Production Manager: Ryoma Kurata Movie Director: Yuki Mondo Cameraman: Jin Ito Lightman: Shinichi Miyaki Editor: Kenichi Hirai Colorist: Ben Conkey MA: Makoto Kawame Photographer: Keiko Kanno Retoucher: Rumi Ando Web Director: Isao Akutsu PR: Jin Hattori Senior Account Director: Yosuke Tanno Production Company: Amsyt Technologies, amana

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    Interesting product and idea. Not sure it'll work every time, but as a general damper on everyones ideas of drunk-riding bikes I think it can be effective if this becomes the new hipster cool item to have.

    Aug 16, 2015

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