Just to prove my point about Rekorderlig Swedish School not being a very unusual USP... Meet Kopparberg, another fine Swedish Cider, selling itself on a certain Swedish je ne sais quoi, knitted hats and ungroomed but groomed facial hair. It's a strategic badlander.

Kopparberg have done something that this particular Swede finds incredibly annoying. They used the ü when un-doing something. *deep breath* Look, röck döts went out of fashion long before IKEA ünboring. In fact, I think it jumped the shark when Heavy Metal band "TROJAN" spelled out their name "Tröjan"on shirts. "Tröjan" means "sweater" in Swedish, and that was the birth of Swedish irony. It's all heavy metals fault. You hear me Judas Priest?

Music: Fredrik 'Chrome Cavities' Ad release: June 2012

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    So basically, this is "how to speak australian," for people in the U.K. who think Scandinavians are the essence of being hipsters. Whoo. At least they used the swedish Miike Snow for their song.

    Aug 22, 2012

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