Korbel - Climber - (2015) :17 (USA)


Korbel - Climber - (2015) :17 (USA)

In this short Korbel ad, we open on the popping of the bubbly cork, so that a spray of sparkling wine flies across the screen, This then takes the appearance of snow, or stars, and as a man climbs a heigh and turns to enjoy the view on a cold night, we might think he climbed the Everest. He didn't, he's at a roof party - and this little visual twist is now the opener for Korbels current campaign.

“PriceWeber is proud to represent some of Brown-Forman’s most iconic brands, including KORBEL California Champagne, for more than 45 years,” Robert Trinkle, partner, vice president and account director at PriceWeber said. “It is great to work with clients that allow us to develop creative that breaks out of category tradition while remaining true to the core brand strategy.”

Ad agency: PriceWeber



I would love to know the name of the song and the group playing in this commercial. Each time I see this commercial I'm annoyed that I can't find the information on it.

Agree with Mimi--Who is the amazing singer featured in the commercial spot?
I'm going crazy trying to find out. The group/artist is brilliant!

The music is from BoomBox Sound in Toronto and is an original composition for the commercial.

Thanks Mike.

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