Koskenkova is vodka from a village. It is also the makers of an app called Vodka Farmer, that was quite successful. As way of thanks, the farmers in the village decided to build a Vodka Farmer hall of fame. It's cute. Also, I have am unhealthy obsession with Finland and its wonkadoodle ways. Just listen to the language. How in the hell could anyone not from Finland ever learn it?

Client: Koskenkorva Agency: Bob the Robot Creative Director and Storywriter: Toni Tiusanen Copywriter: Toni Tiusanen, Kari Eilola Art Director: Lasse Kangasmaa Account Director: Maija Silamo Producer: Nina Miettinen Client: Altia Plc. / Koskenkorva Vodka Category Brand Manager: Suvi Reinikkala Category Director: Kirsi Puntila