Koskenkorva doesn't have a bustling city with hip hop stars and big buildings and fancy cars. Nope, it's just a small village of Finns who make Koskenkorva in the town the Vodka is named after. Great positioning for what I have been told, is a bottom-of-the-shelf vodka. Remember, if the locals don't drink it, you can always export it.

Client: Koskenkorva
Agency: Bob the Robot
Creative Director and Storywriter: Toni Tiusanen
Copywriter: Toni Tiusanen, Kari Eilola
Art Director: Lasse Kangasmaa
Account Director: Maija Silamo
Producer: Nina Miettinen

Client: Altia Plc. / Koskenkorva Vodka
Category Brand Manager: Suvi Reinikkala
Category Director: Kirsi Puntila

Production company: Bob the Robot Pictures
Director: Jaakko Itäaho
Producer: Olli Korpiala
DOP: Mika Orasmaa
Editor: Julius Greis
VFX: Post Control
Music: "The Oregon Trail" (Koskenkorva Version) | Julien Vega, Baptiste Thiry | Cézame | Upright Music
Music Supervision: Upright Music
Global distribution: Be On Denmark


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    M'nemo (not verified)

    This is great.

    May 05, 2016

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