Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai wanted to demonstrate .. how silly cats walk when they have tape on them? I'll admit, I've had more than a few cats and as a kid I thought it was hilarious to put a post-it note on the forehead of my kitty when he jumped up on my desk as I was doing homework. Cats really don't like when they have something stuck to them anywhere, and will walk, crawl or wobble in the other direction with a pained look on their faces. Poor things.

So, to make the point that cats are sensitive, and women are sensitive, and Kotex is for sensitive skin... Guys, I'm not sure, but I think Ogilvy and Mather Shanghai might have just called me a pussy.

I'm very disappointed that they didn't put a Kotex on the cat, and have them not walk all weird trying to get away from it - thereby proving that the soft side of Kotex is better than the sticky side of tape on your neither regions. As if there'd be any confusion about that.

Still, cats doing silly things = instant viral, and that's all the counts these days, right? At least we'll remember that Kotex is for sensitive skin.

Ad agency: Ogilvy Shanghai