Meet Mama, the lonely woman who dusts off her sons portrait while stiupsin at it. She glares at her phone all day while the crooning singer of the soundtrack waxes poetically about "I tweet all my friends, and facebook all day, but Mama, I'd rather be calling you"

Late at night she gets a call, its her son that needs to be picked up. I don't need to translate her response, I'm sure you all get it - and this is where Hi comes in, they offer a "Hi unlimited" contract with no extra cost for Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. And you can still make free calls when your internet bundle is exhausted*. You can select add-ons like free calls and free sms.

And if you phone her a little more often, she might not be so mad at you, son.

* when your GB quota is up, the speed goes down to down to 32 kilobytes per second.


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