KRAFT Dressing- The Zesty Guy Shows a Little Leg - (2013) :30 (USA)


KRAFT Dressing- The Zesty Guy Shows a Little Leg - (2013) :30 (USA)

Ho-Kay, seems I might be one of the few (?) who think this spokesperson persona is gay and aimed at gay men, so I'll just leave this ad here. With The Zesty Guy showing a little leg. While dressed in a french maid apron. Yep.

BUT WAIT HOLD UP: he's pouring Kraft Italian on oven roasted whole chicken. Not before it hits the oven, like with a marinade, but after. What is this sorcery? There's a dressing to pour on post-roasted chicken? What is kraft italian dressing? Is it meant for a green salad, or to pour on roasted whole chickens? I'm so confused right now that I'm going straight to dessert - my speciality; it consists of a very specific naked man and a bottle of chocolate sauce. No sale Kraft.


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*adding him to the possible future husband list*
it's totally targeted at gay men! I want to buy that salad dressing now and I don't even live in the target country audience :) saucy!

Everyone who worked on this campaign, from the client to the creative director, were gay men. It's not surprising that a campaign that appeals to them is the result of their work.

Was I too discreet when I spelled that out in this article? "I have news for you Awl, it's not just the TV execs, it's the client and the ad agency too."

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