This is Kristdemokraternas (The Christian Democrats, who align with Centern, Folkpartiet and Moderaterna in the conservative alliance) election film. It has lots of wild animals in it, just like their poster campaign, and is oddly reminiscent of the Social Democrats 1985 film directed by Roy Anderson with its anti-egotism message. In both films you'll see someone who has fallen 'and can't get up' because crowds of people are trampling around them without helping them.

The VIP line scene shows how bouncers keep two young men with dark hair out, while selecting a blond woman and a preppy looking guy to go ahead of the line. This scene probably doesn't raise eyebrows for anyone used to say, New York bouncers, but over here in Sweden one can interpret it to mean that non ethnic Swedes are stopped from entering nightclubs in favor for ethnic Swedes, which is a common complaint.