Agency : Santa Clara - Sao Paulo
Kuat is Coca Cola«s Guaraná Soft Drink in Brazil
Santa Clara, Sao Paulo has been assigned to change and modify through a 360 degree change on the Bottle / Can / Logo and its culture behind the Branding. Transformation is the concept brief. No casting agents were used, instead they found talent on the streets and in shopping malls.

Carlos Andre Eyer, Executive Creative Director
Fernando Campos, Executive Creative Director
Murilo Lico, Executive Creative Director
Vico Benevides, Executive Creative Director
Andre Godoi, Executive Creative Director
Santa Clara, Creative Director
Santa Clara, Art Director
Santa Clara, Copywriter
Marcelo Altschuler, Agency Producer
Deigo Villas Boas, Agency Producer
Alex Mehedff, Executive Producer
Director : 300ml
DoP: Hebling Jr.
Prod. Co. : Hungry Man Rio de Janeiro
Head of Production: Leticia Mancem
Line Producer: Beto Bruno
Production Designer: Gualter Pupo
Post & VFX Production: Tribbo Post Sao Paulo
Editor: Marcelo Moraes @ Hungry Man Rio
Music: Dr. DD
Music Producer: Dudo Marote
Song: "Duck and Cover" by Passage


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