Ah yes, life is sport. And love, she is a special sport indeed, no?

BRAND LACOSTE BRAND MANAGEMENT Berta de Pablos, Mylene Atlan, Sophie Bernard AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT Bertille Toledano, Brune Failliot, Matthieu Kuster EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Remi Babinet CREATIVE DIRECTOR Antoine Choque ART DIRECTOR Damien Bellon & Gabrielle Attia COPYWRITER Gabrielle Attia & Damien Bellon STRATEGIC PLANNING Clement Boisseau TRAFIC Michele Bertona TV PRODUCER David Green PRODUCTION COMPANY Wanda PRODUCER Patrick Barbier & Romain Cavagnac SOUND Schmooze DIRECTOR Seb Edwards VFX MPC MUSIC Discolsure - “You & Me” ft Eliza Doolittle – Flume Remix / Universal Music Publishing ON AIR Februar

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    Confession: I read your description in a french accent in my head. I need to get out more.

    Feb 07, 2014

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