Charming, funny and only just a little dark humored animated spot for ADN magazine, (DNA in English) reminding people that not all innovation is worth following. It's a really fun journey to watch and a catchy tune as well. There's a good chance it'll get stuck in your head today.

gency : TBWA\PARIS Agency Account Team : Brice Garçon, Morgane Lejeau Client : l'ADN Client Team : Adrien de Blanzy, Béatrice Sutter Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal & Faustin Claverie Copywriter: Vincent Pedrocchi AD : Cédric Moutaud Production: TBWA\Else CEO : Maxime Boiron Producer: Cathy Pericone Directors : Patrick Cassir & Christine Shin Illustrators : Les jeanClode Post Producer: Mélanie Bernard Animators : Christine Shin, Olivier Lescot and Boris Belghiti FX : Guillaume Degroote 3D Designer : Valentin Gault Compositing : Bastien Malmanche, Jonathan Bignon and Sebastien Moiscecot Edit: Quentin Collombet Sound Production: TBWA \Else Head Of Sound and Music : Olivier Lefebvre Sound AD : Philippe Mineur Sound Director : Fabrice Pouvreau Sound Engineer and Sound Designer: Alexis Venot TITLE: FLEX_SPREAD YOUR WINGS@ SONG WRITER: Paul-Étienne CÔTÉ & François-Pierre LUE LES PRODUCTIONS CIRCONFLEX INC (Montréal) for \ELSE