Steven Klein shot lady Gaga, mixed in a whole lot of latex, exploding faces, nude bodies, mirror reflections, reverse footage, a dab of symbolism, a huge debt to Salvador Dali and his lip couch by making an entire room out of Gaga's face... and on top of all that he added one adult man climbing and nursing on a giant Lady Gaga's breast for good measure. As if Gaga is the she-wolf and we all are Rome right before the fall. Honestly, we could play reference-bingo with this clip and next time that I have a bottle of tequila nearby I will turn it into a deadly drinking game.

Yes, the black eau de Parfum and the only perfume we know of that had a trailer now has the full five minute something released. I say something because while this is a good chunk of mind-blowing eye-candy, I have no idea if it will preach to anyone but the already converted. The soundtrack can spice up your Halloween though, the images are all latex, and liquid oil. The perfume is black by the way. Black. Perfume. Yep.

Director: Steven Klein Production: RSA Films and Black Dog Films. Production Designer: Nathan Crowley 1st AD: Peter Kohn Editor: Skip Digital Effects: DIGITAL DOMAIN Producer: Natalie Hill Executive Producer: Coleen Haynes Executive Producer: Jules Daley

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