I dunno man, I kinda think feet on fire is awesome. Like some X-Men reject. But it's also a metaphor for the pain athlete's feet causes. So put out that fire with Lamisil.

Brand:Lamisil Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland Creative Director: Jason Romeyko, Jan Teulingkx Art Director: Gustavo Figueiredo Copywriter: Antoine Karpat Planner: Ellen Reifenberger Producers: Lyndsay Myerscough, Nicola Turek Global Account Director: Lucia Lafuenti Account Director: Melanie Bisseret-Foucher CEO: Andrea Pedrazzini GOOD EGG Director: Bugsy Producer: Rupert Savage Production Manager: Olivia Mee Director of Photography: Sy Turnbull Executive Producer: Julia Reed

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