Softies, this case study carries a kleenex warning. Ready?

In 2015 on Mother's day, Monica was away from her family on a business trip. LAN learned of this and with the help of the Peruvian agency Tribal 121, the company decided to get a message from her son to the aircraft screens on which she was traveling. The result is documented in the following case video. The hidden camera footage became a huge viral sensation in Peru, the most shared video ever, the hashtag #ILoveYouToTheSkyAndBack lit up on all social media channels as other Peruvians declared their love for their mothers and shared this video. And LAN, the "business airline", suddenly had a softer friendlier more family oriented image.

Advertised brand: Lan Peru Advert title(s): I love you to the sky and back. Advertising Agency: Tribal 121, Lima, Peru. Agency website: Creative Director: Lucas Bargen Head of art: Tomas Perrin Copywriter: Mario Neuman Art Director: Pio Dancourt General Creative Director: Gonzalo Calmet Account Director: Natalia Baca Production Company: Katapulta