Las Vegas / Only Vegas - Your Vegas Is Showing - Pandora (2008) :30 (USA)


Las Vegas / Only Vegas - Your Vegas Is Showing - Pandora (2008) :30 (USA)

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thats me in the red dress.. ahaha i look silly

question; why isnt this commercial available for public display? if anyone knows, please inform moi... thank you <3

You don't look silly, you have great shoulders. And for your second question the answer lies in 1) actors fee's for internet run 2) bandwidth costs for serving up ads. Keeping it a members only thing makes the ad submitters happy as an educational archive with members only viewing can not be confused with internet run (where the actors in the ads would need to get compensated for extra media run as I'm sure you know - recall the SAG strike of 2001), also having members chip in for the bandwidth bill make me happy as I can no longer afford to treat the entire world to free viewing. (the archive was available to all members back in 2003).

well thank you very much for responding.. i am satisfied with that answer.
and thank you for the compliment. peace <3.

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