Latinstock "The Soldier" (2015) 1:00 (Brazil)

This ad for Latinstock is perfection. You have to stay for the very end. That's all that needs to be said, except it was very well shot.

Client: Latinstock agency: DM9DDB, São Paulo title: The Soldier product: Latinstock Client: Latinstock Chief Creative Officer: Marco Vesolato Creative Director: Leo Macias, Zico Farina Art Director: Rafael Segri Copywriter: Filipe Medici Account: Tania Pena, Julia Wald RTVC: Fabiano Beraldo, Juarez Lima Media: Felipe Snege, Camila Teixeira, Camila Carvalho, Thais Abreu Advertiser: Glaucio Garcia/Latinstock Production Company: Fantastica Filmes and Post Director: Marlon Klug Photography Director: Bruno Zotto Production Design: Rosane Melink Sound Production Company: Jamute Sound Design: James Pinto
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