So basically, the potato heads are closeted potato chip lovers. We're on a whole new strange level from "bet you can't eat just one."

Agency: Energy BBDO
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Fietsam
EVP, Head of Production: Rowley Samuel
SVP, Group Creative Director: Tim Pontarelli
VP, Executive Producer: John Pratt
Integrated Producer: Shobin Mathew
Integrated Associate Producer: Sarah Tomick
Music Producer: Daniel Kuypers
Sr. Integrated Business Affairs Manager: Zoe Grubbe
Sr. Art Director: Isaac Pagan
ACD, Copywriter: Bowen Mendolson
Copywriter: Anthony Brooks/Allie Gehan
SVP, Client Service Director: Anna Bleers
VP, Account Director: Kate Houghton
Production: Psyop
Directors: Lauren Indovina, Borja Pena
Producers: Anna deCastro
Assistant Producer: Steve Intrabartola
Designer: Lauren Indovina, Eunice Kim, Hyesung Park, Borja Pena
Lead Technical Director: Aaron Baker
Modeler: Oliver Castle, Bryan Eck, Jordan Harvey
Rigger: Zed Bennett
Lighter: Justin Burton, Jonah Friedman, Andrew Gilbert, Jordan Harvey, Susie Jang
3D Generalist: Jonah Friedman, Joerg Liebold
3D Animator: Temp Artist NY 01, Roman Kobryn, Anthony Travieso
2D Supervisor: Joerg Liebold, Diego Vazquez
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Compositor: Danica Parry, Tim Regan
Flame Artist: Yohance Brown
Tracker: Bogdan Mihajlovic
Editor: Victor Barczyk, Sarra Idris, Cass Vanini
Audio Post: Audio Producers Group
Engineer: Peter Erazmus
Producers: Mindy Verson and David Kaplan
Music: Nylon
End Tag Treatment: The Mill, Chicago


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    I nominate that line to "worst button ever". Our little secret? No. Nononono. Any line but that one. Ugh.

    Feb 11, 2014

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