Leboncoin is a classified website where you can find whatever you want, kind of like Craigslist. In this case, Lily Allen finds someone to teach her useful French phrases she can drop on unsuspecting photographers who ask her to show her sexy side. Fun stuff.

AGENCE : HAVAS 360 Co CEO : Matthieu Habra Executive creative director : Thomas Derouault Artistic director : Gaël Caron Copywritter : Benoît Salles Business Director : Sophie Schiari TVProducer:CoralieCupillard Account Planning : Béatrice Blanck Group Managers : Corinne Schorpp & Alexia Neveu Film Director : Mabrouk El Mechri Producer : Claude Fayolle & Hélène Ségol Post-producer : Thomas Cornet & Sarah Delorme Production Manager : Laurent Perreau Director of photography : Pierre-Yves Bastard 1st assistant : Fabrice Jeandemange Sound production : THE

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