Take temperature controlled walls plus thermochromic paint that reacts to changing temperatures and some murals created by street artists )but not on the street of course because it's illegal) and you get a mural that keeps changing. When heated air from Lennox systems is applied to the murals, the thermochromic paint layer becomes colorless, revealing the base coat underneath, which provides a second layer for the artists to express themselves in a two-part visual story. When introduced to cool temperature, the color returns.The street artists in question are street artists: Bacon, Dodo Ose, 123Klan, Slick and Zek One. It's a really nice piece of content, but I don't know who it's meant for. I can't imagine a younger demographic has the dosh to buy or replace their heating/cooling element as they're most likely living in apartments. Looks nice, anyway.
In any case there's a live exhibit, happening today at the Container Yard in Los Angeles.

Agency: GSD&M Title: Degrees of Perfect Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell Group Creative Directors: Bill Marceau, Kris Wixom, Alisa Wixom Creative Directors: Ray Longoria, Sean Keith ACD, Art Director: Kyle Mitchell CD, Experience Design: Rye Clifton ACD, Experience Design: Maria D’Amato Writer: Jon Miller Designer: Steve Wolf Project Manager: Lauren Bowen Executive Producer: Laura Busino Producer: Natalie Lum Freedman Media Producer: Kelly Grant Digital Producer: Kate Blair Account Leadership: Mark Durein, Claire Tudor Marketplace Planning: John D’Acierno Business Affairs Manager: Linda Nhan Social Media Manager: Charlie Joslin Media Planner: Molly Herman Communications Manager: Chelsey Korman HVAC Engineers: Tom Johnson (Lennox Corporate); Alain Savard (Lennox Premier Dealer Climatisation B.S., Montreal); Zack Giron and Yuval Giron (Lennox Premier Dealer AZ Air Conditioning & Heating, Los Angeles) DJ Set: Toro y Moi Original Music: starRo Music Manager for starRo: Cameron Rath, owner of Vibe Coach Production Company/Lead Artists: ASHOP CREW Director: FLUKE (president of ASHOP CREW) Production: A’Shop Creative Studios, Inc. Lead Artist/Curator: FLUKE Project Coordinator: Pascale Godbout Director of Photography/Editor: Mikael Carriau Director of Photography/Editor: Jeremie Boivin Artist: BACON Artist: DODO OSE Artist: 123KLAN Artist: SLICK Artist: ZEK ONE Scott Owens—Founder/CEO, DoStuff Media Erin Shorts—National Events Manager, DoStuff Media Mitchell Frank—DoLA Founder; Spaceland Presents president Ben de Ayora—General Manager, DoLA Melissa Aquino—Account Manager, DoLA Jasper Kuo—Production Manager, DoLA