Lenny Kravitz gets down and dirty and film-noir-esque in this NSFW video featuring Lenny Kravitz, Dutch supermodel Rianne Ten Haken and sex and blindfolds and boobs and nipples. Lenny Kravitz looks ripped for a 50-year-old man. Jeez Louise. I want to know what his workout regimen is.
The music video itself has some fantastic cinematography, lots of light refractions, really sexy colors. The story line seems like it's something out of a Raymond Chandler novel. The song reminds me of Kravitz's 5 album, but with a different (and in my opinion, better) production style.
Did I mention there were boobs and nipples?

Artist: Lenny Kravitz
Song: The Chamber
Record Label: Kobalt Records
Director: Anthony Mandler
DP: David Devlin
Production Company: Black Hand Cinema
Exec Producer: Anthony Mandler
Paris Production Co.: Quad
Editor: Jeff Selis


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