Here's a bit of inspiration for you today: a house on water. In this spot for home improvement store Leroy Merlin, the sea is a metaphor for a couple going through the various phases of life while renovating their home. Apparently the production was crazy, too. They shot the scenes three times, on dry land, on a moving set and also on water. It took seven days in South Africa, and needed a whole host of divers, drones and helicopters to get it right. The song, by the way, is a cover of Rod Stewart's "Sailing," and you couldn't have picked a better track if you tried.

Brand: Leroy Merlin Ad Agency: BETC Shopper Chief Creative Officer: Stephane Xiberras Executive Creative Director: Olivier Apers Creatives: Viken Guzel, Jean-Marie Gateau Director: Reynald Gresset Production Company: La PAC

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