Berliner Pioneers Immortalized locally by artist Vhils to celebrate "Go Forth" : To honour the campaign, Levi’s® and W+K Amsterdam collaborated with the Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, to create a series of street murals that captures the faces of some of Berlin’s modern day pioneers in a dramatic and poetic way. These pioneers serve as an inspiration for the city and embody the ‘Go Forth’ spirit. Vhils sculpted the portraits of pioneers Fadi Saad, Various & Gould, Joe Hatchiban and Sven Marquardt into major building facades dotted throughout Berlin. A Making of documentary capturing Vhils’ at work complements the murals themselves.

The murals can be seen in Berlin at the following locations:
Revalerstrasse 99 in Berlin Friedrichshain - Fadi Saad
An der Schillingsbruecke, close to Ostbahnhof – Various&Gould
Chausseestr. 36 , Berlin Mitte – Joe Hatchiban
Postdamer Str. 151, Berlin Schoeneberg – Sven Marquardt

Weiden+ Kennedy, Amsterdam

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