It's rough living on Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Drugs, alcohol, poverty and is high. As are the rates of teen suicide. In an effort to revitalize this community and provide a healthy, creative outlet , Levi's Skateboarding completed a skate park on the grounds-- a project they've done elsewhere for the past few years. This is the teaser for the upcoming documentary which drops October 21st. We can expect to see skaters Joey Pepper, Josh Matthews, Marius Syvanen and Pat Moran show up to skate with the locals, as well as how the skate park has brought some much needed light into the darkness. This is great example of cause marketing making a difference.

As if this weren't already awesome, as an extra bonus, too, the documentary features music by Slint/Zwan/Tortoise/Stereolab/Interpol/Papa M virtuoso guitarist David Pajo, a guy who knows a little bit about rebirth himself.

Client: Levi's

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  • Bill Littmann's picture
    Bill Littmann (not verified)

    Bicycling is another simple great tool bringing hands on creativity, expression, experience, accountability, transportation, mechanical understanding, social and wildlife interaction, circulation health, challenge, welding, assembly, tools, paint, style, materials, lubrication, sharing, rubber, pneumatics, adjustment, precision, fit, finish, speed, brakes, and FUN!!!

    Oct 21, 2015
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    Kathleen Rose (not verified)

    Every kid should have the chance to BE A KID. I hope this is just the beginning of creating possibilities for these children.

    Oct 21, 2015