Lexus - Infinite Glances - (2012) :30 US

The new Lexus ES and the first ever ES Hybrid are debuting across the US in a pair of elegant spots born through collaboration between MPC LA, Team One, and RSA Director Brett Foraker. MPC united its LA and Vancouver studios for the spots, which showcase an array of VFX.

Infinite Glances is a slow-motion ride through a trendy downtown sector, comprising numerous shots stitched together from multiple cameras. Utilizing Technocrane plates, a Russian arm, and motion control passes, the spot glides effortlessly down the street and appears to pass through the front, rear, and sides of several ES vehicles, as pedestrians stand frozen on the sidewalks. MPC constructed the urban oasis – merging street backgrounds, layering and animating background actors, and removing brands from visible signage.

Getting involved with the project in its early stages allowed MPC to help plan the methodology of the shoot and pre-viz camera moves, resulting in a remarkably quick turnaround. MPC LA 3D lead Mike Wynd worked closely with the team in Vancouver prior to and during the shoot to ensure the seamless integration of the models and real cars, which were enhanced with projections. 2D Lead Jake Montgomery then took charge of the MPC LA team that completed the complex blend of 2D in a photorealistic 3D space in just over four weeks.

MPC handled sky replacement in Split World, a companion spot guiding viewers through a symmetrical world of glass towers, bridges, parks and waterways, all split by the body of a cruising Lexus.

“Brett, Team One, and MPC studios all contributed to the Lexus projects in their unique way and the project was a great collaboration from start to finish,” noted MPC LA MD Andrew Bell.

Client: Lexus
Spot Titles: Infinite Glances, Split World
Air Date: September 2012

Advertising Agency: Team One
Creative Director: Craig Crawford
Creatives: Molly Grubbs, Fabio Pinto
Producer: Kristin Childers

Production Company: RSA
Director: Brett Foraker
Producer: Julien Lemaitre
EP: Marje Abrahams

Editorial: General Editorial
Editor: Noah Herzog and Matt Dunlap

VFX: MPC LA & Vancouver
Post Production Producer: Juliet Tierney
VFX Supervisors: Jake Montgomery, Mike Wynd

Infinite Glances
3D Lead: Mike Wynd
3D: William Schilthuis, Jessie Amadio
2D Lead: Jake Montgomery
2D Artists: Brett Reyenger, Krystal Chinn

Split World
Smoke: Mark Holden

Telecine: MPC LA
Colorist: Mark Gethin

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