To promote the LG limited edition "Transformers" Versa phone, Bay helmed a :30 TVC titled "Deceptiphone" that plays on the Versa's cutting-edge features by comparing it to the shapeshifting abilities of a Transformer. Via ad agency Young & Rubicam, New York, the spot opens on a man leaving the movies, phone in hand. Much to his surprise, he comes face to face with Transformer Optimus Prime, who towers over him and booms "Decepticon!" The man assumes his mobile phone is being mistaken for the enemy robot, and shakily informs Optimus Prime that it's just the LG Versa. The phone however, springs to life in the palm of his hand, "transforming" into a camcorder, then a GPS device and finally a computer as the man looks on incredulously. But Optimus Prime insists he sees the enemy robot, just as the reveal shows the real Decepticon sneaking up from behind.

CLIENT: LG Electronics, Inc. PRODUCT: LG Versa Mobile Phone AIRDATES: "Deceptiphone" CINEMA: May 29, 2009 ADVERTISING AGENCY: Young & Rubicam/New York, NY Global Creative Director: Darren Moran Creative Director: Gabriel Hoskins Copywriter: Daniel Crumine Art Director: Eric Martz Director Content Production: Nathy Aviram Director Content Production: Lora Schulson Senior Content Producer: Alex Gianni Assistant Producer: George Roca Senior Account Manager: Alexandra Sloane Account Supervisor: Pamela Lloyd PRODUCTION COMPANY: The Institute/Venice, CA Director: Michael Bay Executive Producer: Scott Gardenhour Executive Producer: Sam Penfield Producer: Karen Rohrbacher Production Supervisor: Lindsay Rosaaen Director or Photography: Amir Mokri ANIMATION & VISUAL EFFECTS: Digital Domain, Inc. President of Commercials, Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich Executive Producer/Head of Production: Karen Anderson Visual Effects Supervisor: Jay Barton CG Supervisor: Ronald D. Herbst VFX Producer: Chris Fieldhouse VFX Coordinator: Stephanie Escobar Flame Artist: Matthew J.D. Bramante Nuke Compositor: Rafael F. Colón Digital Artist: Tim Jones Digital Artist: Daisuke Nagae Digital Artist: Cody Williams Roto Artist: Hilery Johnson Copeland On Set Tracker: Scott Edelstein Integration Tracker: Shelley Larocca Courte EDITORIAL HOUSE: Nomad/Santa Monica, CA Editor: Tom Muldoon Executive Producer: Susye Melega Producer: Nicole Steele SOUND HOUSE DESIGN: Nomad/Santa Monica, CA Sound Designer: Francois Blaignan Executive Producer: Susye Melega Producer: Nicole Steele AUDIO POST/MIX HOUSE: POP Audio/Santa Monica Mixer: Peter Rincon Producer: Dawn Redmann

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  • arrella's picture

    Great execution but a rather tired joke.

    Jul 08, 2009
  • Dabitch's picture

    I still haven't seen the moviee... aarrrrgh!

    Jul 08, 2009
  • mpared's picture

    This is impressive... the movie is brilliant ...but a bit long... my back hurt after all this hours sitting in the uncomfortable chair of cinema

    Jul 09, 2009

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