Directed by Filip Engstrom for prodco Smuggler, the spot began airing throughout Europe and Asia May 15.

Brickyard VFX created “Dandelion” almost entirely in CG on a truncated six-week timetable that included pre-viz and a one-day motion capture and live-action shoot with a single actor. The humanoid robots in the spot are built from live-action footage of the actor’s head, hands and feet seamlessly integrated with CG animation of the robotic body.

“During pre-production meetings we quickly determined that mo-cap would provide the only way to deliver the project in such a short amount of time,” commented Brickyard’s CG Supervisor David Blumenfeld. “Because of the types of motions we needed to capture, we also saw that we could do the mocap and live-action shoots simultaneously, which was not only an enormous time-saver, but also allowed us to ensure that the live-action footage was matched seamlessly with the motion capture data.”

Client LG Electronics, Inc. Title "Dandelion" Agency Y&R NY Creative Director Darren Moran, Gabe Hoskins ACT / Art Director Jeff Payne ACD / Copywriter Cheryl Chapman Agency Producer Stacy Kay Production Company Smuggler Director Filip Engstrom Director of Photography Linus Sandgren Live Action Exec. Producer Brian Carmody Live Action Producer Rhonda Vernet Production Design/Art Direction Steve Sumney Editorial Company General Editorial Editor Noah Herzog Audio Post Lime Sound Design Stimmug Visual Effects Brickyard VFX VFX Executive Producer Sue Troyan Visual Effects Producer Amy Russo CG Supervisors Robert Sethi, David Blumenfeld Lead 2D Artist Patrick Poulatian 2D Artist Mandy Sorenson 3D Artists Carl Harders, TV Tran, Sam Kao, Andre DeSouza, Drew Daleo, Glenn Suhy, John Cherniack Graphics/Animation Hiroshi Endo