Agency: London

Campaign: “Scarlet’

Client: LG Electronics, Digital Display Company

Lead Client: Kwan-Sup Lee, VP Brand Marketing, LG Electronics Digital Display Company
SHORTLIST - Team LG (core)

Executive Management - Chan Suh, Riccardo Zane, Gemma Newland

Executive Creative Director - John Merrifield

Creative Director - Dick Dunford

Copywriter - James Sexton

Planning Director - Allan Fraser-Rush

Publicity Director - Deborah Harpur

Production Director - Melissa Smith

Director - David Nutter

Group Executive Creative Director (Team LG) - John Merrifield

Agency: London

Online Creative Team - Richard Fox, Jay Woodington

Design - Clayton West, Ben Loach, Hussen Natha

Account Management - Christina Andersson

Project Management - Desiree Inch, Ravi Patel

Technical Consultant - Sepas Seraj, Jamie Copeland

Agency: New York

Executive Management: Chan Suh, Riccardo Zane

Creative Directors: Matt Zucker, Kate Cohen

Account Management: Dawn Furey

Project Director: Eric Tordiff

Technology Director: Frank Desiderio
Agency: TEQUILA\London

Creative Partner - Dick Dunford
Copy - James Sexton
Design - David Brady
Production Director - Melissa Smith
Planning Director - Allan Fraser-Rush

Account Management - Sarah Hurn

Agency: Stream

Executive Management - Gemma Newland

Executive Creative Director - Macky Drese

Planning - Michelle Cfas

Account management - Georgie Lavender
Agency: Premier Public Relations

PR Director - Deborah Harpur
Production Company: Great Guns

Director: David Nutter
Post Production: Glassworks
Editing: Mimic

Music: ipressplay
Sound Recording: Wave
Producer: Laura Gregory
Editor: The Chop House

Media Agency: Mindshare
Shot on location in Bangkok.


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