Graham Chapman, probably best remembered as 'the dead one from Monty Python', stars in the best movie since he died, his own life story called A LIAR'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY. He wrote it and voiced it, and now the film reunites the brilliantly funny members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus for the first time in nearly three decades. 15 companies that specialize in animation contributed animation segments to the project, and Süperfad was the only American company so honored. Eric Idle is still pissed about something so you won't hear him in it, but the others play with Graham Chapman's recording and from it comes a very interesting animation feature.

Süperfad’s primary contribution to the film is a nine-minute sequence that takes place during Chapman’s formative adolescent years, when he and his parents would take tedious car trips along the English seaside. From within the confines of a tiny automobile – deftly symbolizing the cloying confines and class consciousness of 1950’s England -- an animated adolescent Chapman looks out at the grim and rainy surroundings and sarcastically intones: “So this is Nice?” His mustachioed father misses the joke, snapping: “What d’you mean, Nice?! This is Scarborough! You do too much reading.”

“The piece we created comes at an important time in Chapman’s life,” says Süperfad Creative Director Sean Dougherty. “He’s begun to come out to himself, is beginning to face who he is and might be, and is reading books of which his father definitely does not approve. He’s also realizing that he is not like other boys, but not yet how that is invariably a good thing. In the meantime, he has a very typical, very conservative, very British father who doesn’t approve of much. It makes for a scene that is both stifling and extremely funny.”

The film is made in association with Bill and Ben Productions (U.K.) and brainstorm media, and produced by Ben Timlett, Jeff Simpson, and Bill Jones (son of Python member Terry Jones).

A Liar's Autobiography - Official Trailer Scarborough / Fish Market Executive Producer: Geraint Owen Director: Sean Dougherty Co-Director: Andrew Stubbs Johnston Producer: Mike Tockman Art Director: Andrew Stubbs Johnston, Pierce Gibson Animation Supervisor: Michael Wharton Concept Artist: Pierce Gibson, Andrew Stubbs Johnston Storyboard Artist: Tom Connor Editor: Cameron Kelly Look Development Lead: Pierce Gibson Character Design: Pierce Gibson, Chris Murray Modelers: Edin Agovic, David Alonso, Michael Wharton, Angel Negron, Tim Weiser, Domel Libid Character Rigging Supervisor: Eric G. Thivierge TD: Cesar De la Rosa Animators: Matt Parent, Michael Wharton, Domel Libid, Angel Negron, Carmine Laietta V, Tim Weiser, Edin Agovic, Cesar De la Rosa, Jaehoon Jung FX Animators: Angel Negron, Edward Tasick Lighting Lead: Michael Wharton Pipeline Supervisor: Todd Alan Peleg Compositors: Seth Hulewat, Chase Massengil, Jae Park, Texture Painter: Julia Coehlo, Pierce Gibson Designers: Chris Murray, Julia Coelho Special Thanks: Emmanuelle Leleu, Sebastien Iglesias, SolidAngle, Cesar Tafoya, Mr. Creosote Teen Sex List Executive Producer: Geraint Owen Director: Sean Dougherty Co-Director: Andrew Stubbs Johnston Producer: Mike Tockman Art Directors: Pierce Gibson, Andrew Stubbs Johnston Character Design: Pierce Gibson, Chris Murray Director of Animation: Pierce Gibson Animators: Jae Park, Seth Hulewat

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