Celebrating the New Year's Day return of the hugely popular "Dance Moms," the Season 2 promo is an homage to the 80s ballet flick "Flashdance." Mixed-media production studio Roger headed to Pittsburgh, PA (home of the show and the film) for the one-day shoot.

"It was only fitting to tie ‘Flashdance’ into the promo concept," says Terence Lee, Owner/Creative Director of Roger. "We explored the original film, pulling the most iconic moments to help sell our story. We took pains to make the wardrobe and set-dressing reference original scenes from the movie while still functioning for what we needed to change."

Unable to secure the original “Flashdance” location (now a private office), Roger scouted an alternate location, dressing it with characteristics of the film's original set. This included building additional walls and erecting a massive lighting rig outside to make the given rainy day feel as though it was sunlit.

The "Maniac" spot was one of the highlights of the year for Lifetime TV, and the buzz helped drive "Dance Moms" to its highest rated premiere ever.

Project: “Maniac” Promo for Dance Moms Airdate: January 2013 Client: Lifetime TV/Los Angeles, CA Creative Director: Aaron Goldman Producer: Karen Griffenhagen Production Company: Roger / Los Angeles, CA Director: Terry Lee DP: Sion Michel Executive Producer/Producer: Drew Neujahr Line Producer: Cisco Newman Production Manager: Damon Smith Production Designer: Greg A. Lang Where Shot: Pittsburgh, PA Editorial Company: Lifetime Color Correction: New Hat Colorist: Bob Festa

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