Digital Domain Creative Director David Rosenbaum recently directed his first commercial, a :30 spot for Lincoln via ad agency Team Detroit, which aired in the U.S. on September 1st. David and the Digital Domain digital production team blend live-action footage and beautiful motion graphics to highlight the vehicle's new Ecoboost feature and transport viewers through the interior and exterior of the luxurious new Lincoln MKS.

AIR DATE: September 1, 2009 ADVERTISING AGENCY: Team Detroit/Dearborn, MI Executive Creative Director: Greg Braun Art Director: Adam Hull Copywriter: Nick Flora Executive Producer: Mike Stark Senior Account Manager: Heather Miller PRODUCTION COMPANY: Digital Domain, Inc./ Venice, Ca Director: David Rosenbaum Director or Photography: Neil Shapiro Line Producer: Julien Lemaitre 1st Assistant Director: Peter White Production Supervisor: Geoff Clough ANIMATION & VISUAL EFFECTS: Digital Domain, Inc./ Venice, Ca President of Commercials, Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich Executive Producer / Head of Production: Karen Anderson Visual Effects Supervisor: Brad Hayes CG Supervisor: James Atkinson Visual Effects Producer: Chris Fieldhouse Visual Effects Coordinator: Will Lemmon Flame Artist: Pilon Lectez Junior Flame Artist: Matthew J.D. Bramante Sr. Nuke Compositor: Rafael F. Colón Nuke Compositors: Jacqueline Cooper, Michael Morehouse, Sven Dreesbach Digital Artists: Casey Benn, Adrian Dimond, Daisuke Nagae Roto Artists: Hilery Johnson Copeland, Karin Last On Set Tracker: Scott Gsop Edelstein Integration Tracker: Peter Herlein EDITORIAL HOUSE: Digital Domain, Inc./ Venice, Ca Editor: Russ Glasgow MUSIC: Shiny Toy Guns AUDIO POST/MIX HOUSE: RingSide Creative/Oak Park, MI

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  • LeslieBAP's picture

    Am I the only one disappointed that after reading "Cleaner. Faster. Smarter." it wasn't music from the Six Million Dollar Man?

    Sep 10, 2009
  • Dabitch's picture

    *bwahahaha* I love the way you think.

    Sep 10, 2009

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