DDB inspires global audience with new Lipton Yellow Label campaign

This week Unilever and DDB launch a new global brand campaign for Lipton Yellow Label, the Number One global tea brand. The integrated campaign launches this week with over 20 markets worldwide picking up the campaign, including Turkey, Russia, Poland, Chile, Australia and Japan.

The campaign captures the moments of inspiration a cup of Lipton Yellow Label Tea can stimulate through clarity of mind.

The launch spot Lalo features the composer Lalo Schifrin at his piano in 1966 as he composes a music score and sips a cup of tea. We see him scribbling and tinkering with the evolving score which plays out as an orchestra in his head, forming and de-forming as he gradually evolves the score and instrumentation until, finally, he arrives at the famous theme tune for Mission Impossible.

Black tea contains a unique, neurologically-active amino acid Theanine that maintains mental clarity and focus. Or as the campaign tells it “Tea sharpens the mind. Lipton Yellow Label. A sip of inspiration.”

Nick Bell, DDB Global Creative Director on Unilever comments on the campaign:
“The brief was to communicate that, due to Theanine, drinking tea helps you think more clearly. The Sip of Inspiration idea takes the argument to its logical conclusion and suggests that if you think and therefore work better when drinking tea, it can be a part of getting to much greater thoughts and work.

This is how the Sip of Inspiration idea was born. It's a huge, integrated and interactive campaign and Lalo is the launch film.”

The executions elegantly peel back the layers of some of the worlds most inspired creations to the point of conception, revealing the craft behind the masterpiece. In each scenario a cup of Lipton Yellow Label tea provides the clarity of mind to complete the piece.

The campaign was created out of DDB Paris and shot by award winning director Noam Murro. Noam has previously worked with DDB on acclaimed spots such as Volkswagen Nightdrive and Singing Dog.

Nick Bell comments: “Noam is classically musically trained and was passionate about the project. Just a 10 minute phone call was enough to convince us that we wanted him to direct the film.”

Noam Murro said of the campaign "Music is my passion - so bringing this script to life was great fun. A collaborative challenging job. Plus I drink tea all the time."

Murro worked closely with Peter Raeburn and the Soundtree Music team to create the music score representing Lalo Schifrin's evolving Mission Impossible score and thoughts, and brought the idea to life over a 4-day shoot in Prague.

The integrated campaign for the #2 global beverage brand rolls out this month followed by print and online activity.

Title: Lalo Brand: Lipton Yellow Label Project name: Lipton Yellow Label - A Sip of Inspiration Agency: DDB Paris Executive Creative Director: Nick Bell Copywriter: Olivier Lefebvre Art Director: Benjamin Marchal Executive Agency Producer: Sophie Megrous Director: Noam Murro Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks USA / Les Télécréateurs, Paris Senior Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy Executive Producers: Colleen O'Donnell (Biscuit) and Erinn Lottthe Guillon (Les Telecreateurs) Line Producers: Jay Veal (Biscuit) and Genevieve Triquet (Les Telecreateurs) Director of Photography: Simon Duggan Production Designer: John Beard Production Services Company: Bohemian Pictures - Czech Republic Editor: Joe Guest Executive sound producer (fr): Jérôme Alquier Music: Peter Raeburn & Nick Foster, Soundtree Sound: James Saunders, Jungle

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