Liquid-Plumr - Double Impact - (2012) :30 (USA)


Liquid-Plumr - Double Impact - (2012) :30 (USA)

For the last time people, you can't sell everything with sex. But as soon as DP is mentioned, well, the creatives go a little porny. Same thing happened to Dr Pepper.

See also the 60 second version. It's got an even pornier door opening scene.




Kudos to Liquid Plumr for um, going there? Still, I'd appreciate the porny humor more if um, Liquid Plumr's sole purpose wasn't to remove clogged hair and black slime from my sink. Otherwise, nice "shake out of it" moment at the end. The melons though are cliché.

The ending is kind of weird. Why would anyone be sniffing fruit?

ha! I sniff fruit all the time. I probably shouldn't admit to that in public.... Melons however, are judged by sound. Correct. It is weird. And meant to be suggestive.

Eh... Nice logo.... MichaelM.....

Dang it. I couldn't even "borrow" adland's logo as my avatar for even two days...

We payz attenshion.

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