There's no doubt that a team of copywankers (check the definition) are working on the Liquid-Plumr account at DDB. Innuendo abound, when the lady in the hardware store reads the packaging. "Liquid-Plumr, for when you need it now".
Newsflash while she hotflashes, yes women think about sex every three minutes too. The womans' little porn-scenario that dances through her head is so perfectly portrayed by the actress, from when she bites her lip to when she giggles coyly at the hunks reply that all he needs is seven minutes. But wait there's more, us visual folks have to get in on the innuendo too and suddenly everything in the hardware store is oh-so-suggestive. From drills to giant copper pipes. Poor woman gets all dizzy as she buys Liquid-Plumr by the armful. OOh, lawdy *fans herself*, my my.

I have to hand it to everyone who worked on this, making something as unsexy as drain-de-clogger into a funny ad with a twinkle-in-the-eye erotic tinge to it is a pretty mean feat. Those copywankers should high five each other, and everyone from casting to directing too.

Client: The Clorox Company Product: Liquid-Plumr Urgent Clear Spot: "Quickie" Vice President, Marketing: Heidi Dorsin Agency: DDB, San Francisco Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Bennett Director of Production: Frank Brooks Group Creative Director: Chad Ackley Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Kelly McCullough Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Billy Leyhe Agency Producer: Jessica Manning Account Director: Rebecca Hines Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Director: Clay Weiner Director of Photography: Marten Tedin Executive Producer: Holly Vega Line Producer: Lisa Stockdale Editorial: Beast Editor: Brian Lagerhausen Visual Effects: Beast Editorial Visual Effects Artist: Dave Burghardt Telecine: Company 3 Colorist: Bob Festa Sound Design, Audio Mixing: M Squared Productions Sound Designer: Mark Pitchard Music Supervision: Maxwell Gosling Music Company: Little Ears Music

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