Lisbon is full of street art, such as the work of Alexandre Farto who was commissioned to do the Levi’s Murals for "Go Forth" in Berlin, and lots of other famous names. Lisbon's citizens don't look at the street art as a part of their historical heritage, Lisbon's City Hall tapped Torke to help them change the perception.

Agency: Torke Lisboa Client: Lisbon's City Hall Chief Creative Officer: André Rabanea Creative Director: Frederico Roberto Copywriters: Bob Ferraz, João Silva Art Directors: Miguel Marques, Filipe Varela, Daniel Soares e Virgolino Ferreira Planning: Thaís Sumida Project Managers: Joana Duarte, Sérgio Gomes e Francisca Pires Director and Film Editor: André Carrilho Music: DJ Ride - "Beatbombers"

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