Kitteh Kitteh raps: "Your night just got better, I'm a four legged love-letter" and I purred at the over-the-top R&B/rap-smoothness these cats display. Slow-mo rolling on the floor? Yes. Licking water from a fishbowl? Yes. Soft-lit profiles? Yes. This is all kinds of good for a cat lover. Get some Litter Genie right now, just to sponsor the non-bland ad in the usually reserved for shit ads product category. (Pun not intended, but I will leave it there).
Walter and the Lap Cats' music is brought to you by Litter Genie® and JWT New York. Nicely done, gais.

Your night just got better.
I'm a four-legged love letter.
Go on, look at me.
The first glance is free.
I love a cat that dances.
(Go kitty, go kitty)
You love my big finances.
(Yeah, you like that, huh)
Yeah, I'm on the YouTubessss.
Getting all kinds of viewssss.
Cause people can't smell my poos.
Litter Genie you give me back my time.
It's so easy, so easy it's a crime.
I hear you say:
Scoop me up.
Drop me down.
Close me tight.
Pull me that's right.
Don't need fresh water. I drink fish water.
And my fur, it literally makes me hotter.
Refilling you with five layer bags.
Blocking odor so no one gags.
Only one trash trip in 14 days.
No hassle. No poop. I'm amazed.
Kitties be ballin'. Later, players.

Litter Genie

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