Initially I thought this spot was just weird for the sake of being weird. Then I realized this is a spot for super glue, and the two have clearly been sniffing it. That's the problem with sniffing glue. It either gets you so ripped you find it hard to talk, or so scoobied you turn into a five-year-old who hallucinates. Either way kids, don't do drugs.

Client: Loctite Agency: Fallon Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Kling Creative Director: Jason Bottenus Art Director: Jonathan Moehnke Copywriter: Bo MacDonald Exec Producer: Charles Wolford Producer: Andrew Koningen Account Director: Chris Lawrence/Adam Craw Account Planner: Julianna Simon Prod Co.: O Positive
 Director: David Shane
 Executive Producer (s): Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill Line Producer: Ken Licata
 DOP: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler Editorial: Cut+Run Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Sean Stender EP: Carr Schilling Producer: Amburr Fals Managing Director: Michelle Eskin Music: Tonefarmer/Sam Skarstad & Jimmy Harned VFX: David Parker/Cut+Run Senior Producer: Liz Lydecker Color: The Mill/Shane Reed Mix: Lime/Loren Silber

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