Make way for the new cool, people.

It's fanny-packs and glue.

Because with Loctite in your fanny pack you can help a lot. What an oddly stunted line. What a great product name. What a bizarre groovy dancing way of selling it. It's official, hipsters killed irony and we're all stuck on glue.

Loctite: Win at Glue - Glance
Agency: Fallon
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Kling
Creative Director: Jason Bottenus
Art Director: Jonathan Moehnke
Copywriter: Bo MacDonald
Exec Producer: Charles Wolford
Producer: Andrew Koningen
Account Director: Chris Lawrence/Adam Craw
Account Planner: Julianna Simon

Prod Co.: O Positive

Director: David Shane

Executive Producer (s): Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill
Line Producer: Ken Licata

DOP: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler

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  • tankNZ's picture
    tankNZ (not verified)

    Ahaha great! :)

    May 13, 2014
  • Gamer's picture
    Gamer (not verified)

    Great promo and great product

    Feb 02, 2015

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