The Loerie Awards 2008 - I made a doo doo - (South Africa)


The Loerie Awards 2008 - I made a doo doo - (South Africa)

Net#Work BBDO did this ad for The Loerie Awards 2008, asking the question why do we want to win awards, and supplying the answer - because we want to make momma proud!

Lets see how much Afrikaans I know, here goes;
Mom: How old are you? How old are you?
Kid: Mommie come here, mommie come here!
Mom: What«s going on, what is going on? Oh you've made a poopie! You've made a poopie!
Kid: doo-doo.
Mom: I'm so proud of you! (lots of love hugs and smothering going on that I don«t understand)

Julian Watt, Executive Creative Director
Graeme Jenner, Creative Director
Angie Batis, Art Director
Ryan Paikin, Art Director
Tim Beckerling, Copywriter
Caroline Switala, Agency Producer
Director: Anton Visser
Prod. Co. : Velocity Films



Praat jy Afrikaans?

I just wing it like everything else.
Eller; friskt vågat, hälften vunnet. (*)

"healthy dared, half won." I like that.

I love that. "I just wing it in afrikaans". Talk about modesty. The only word I know in afrikaans is "afrikaans". Oh, and "boerewors". (Notice that word in the ad anywhere, by the way?)

No, but I guess you could call a poopie a sausage. :P The kid has it right though: Kakka!

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