The London Symphony Orchestra plays for Philips Aurea website.


The London Symphony Orchestra plays for Philips Aurea website.

Using the Aurea as inspiration, Mark Slater composed the music for the site. "It was fascinating to work on this and Philips has really broken new ground with this concept," said Mark Slater. "The approach was almost as you would imagine a film. We wanted to try and create a journey through the website. As people move through it the music changes in real time to reflect the mood of each section of the site, creating a non-linear symphony."

Agency: Tribal DDB
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Nesle
Associate Creative Director: Juliane Hadem
Copywriter: Steffany Bane
Producer: Peter Hayden, Anna Stolyarova
Account Director: Mike Parsons
Information Architecture: Jan Willem Penterman
Director of Technology: Smith Throngrod
Strategy: Jeroen Matser
Developer: Jacek Kaczocha
Film Concept: DDB Amsterdam
Film Director: Wong Kar-Wai
Photography: Vincent Peters
Digital Production: Unit 9
Music: Mark Slater and members of the London Symphony Orchestra

Corporate Name of Client: ?Nourdin Rejeb ?Global Web Marketing Manager Philips Consumer Electronics



They seem to be going a little overboard with this TV.  That guy was having an orgasm talking about a television like he couldn't get laid if his life depended on it (no disrespect to the announcer guy but it's just a TV, it's not some diety deserving of worship; it's not as revolutionary as fire or the wheel like he's making it out to be).  My prediction is that in a year or two something even more "revolutionary" will come out and everybody will forget about the Aurea.

Bad dab! YOU DID NOT INCLUDE A LINK TO THE WEBSITE! Fail! You know what, neither did their release. Funny.

I'd like to see it in action now actually, since I'm one of those "TV is the only source of light in my room" people. Might look cool. One would have to pick films depending on the light one wants. "Not the matrix again, I'm sick of green light" Ha!

That score is pretty fantastic.

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