It's been hard to create makeup for women of color that matches skin tones. But Balanda Atis fixed that. They created 20,000 skin points, analyzed them and set out to take the data and create a spectrum that would really work. Not only that but they created a woman of color lab to specialize in this, collecting skin tone measurements from 57 different countries of origin. As she says in the documentary, with each new skin tone they discover, there's one more color they have to match. So the process is an on going thing. How cool is that?

LORÉAL USA - The Spectrum
Agency - RAIN
Client - L’Oréal USA
Executive Producer - Nick Godfrey, Brian Edelman, Andrew Howlett
Executive Creative Director - Will Hall
VP, Head of Strategy - Bill Chamness
VP, Head of Production - Timothy Whitney
ACD / Art Director - Andy Sheffield
Copywriter - Charlotte Davis
Agency Producer - Nathan Breton
Agency Digital Producer - Tim Xumsai
Account Manager - Jaclyn Schillinger
Engagement Strategist - Elissa Dailey
Production Company - Cebu Osani
Director - RAIN
Producer - Artesia Balthrop
Editor - Jonah Einstein
Assistant - Matt Jeon


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