If you want to win the LOTO this Easter, you'll have to meet the hen that lays the golden eggs. And of what a creepy hen it is.

BRAND FRANÇAISE DES JEUX / LOTO BRAND MANAGEMENT Patrick Buffard / Monique Heim / Jean-Francis Beaulieu / Marie-Agnes Gaillard/ Olivier Pribile AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT François Brogi / Quentin Derviso EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Stéphane Xiberras CREATIVE DIRECTOR Olivier Apers ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Jordan Lemarchand COPYWRITER Julien Deschamps PROJECT MANAGER Coralie Chasset TV PRODUCER Marie-Stéphanie Perdriat PRODUCTION HOUSE BOLLYWOOD PRODUCER Benoit Gautier SOUND PRODUCER LGM DIRECTORS José Antonio Prat

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