This delightfully wonky spot for Japanese ice cream brand Lotte solves the problem of unhappiness that people feel from looking down all the time, by encouraging them to look upward. Noting that in such situations that might cause unhappiness (such as a business meeting) that people tend to lean back in their chairs and look up, "social project designer" Eisuke Tachikawa created the Lotte Happy Bench, which allowed people to lean back, look up, and even rock a bit. 83% of people who tried the bench declared that they felt refreshed after trying it. So happy! I love it. I hope there's a social component so that people can take a photo of themselves in the bench and tag it. Would love to see these in the wild somewhere.

Client: Lotte
Agency: Dentsu

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    I want to BUY one of these benches, they look great too. Sell them at Muji!

    Jul 03, 2017

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