Lotto - Kattkvinnan / crazy cat woman - (2011) Sweden


Lotto - Kattkvinnan / crazy cat woman - (2011) Sweden

The crazy cat lady explains that when she won the lottery, she set up a home for the ones who need one. Cats! "Here they will get their basic needs sorted. They can eat, wash up, can talk to others in the same situation, at the same time as they get professional help to reintroduce them to society. Because cats are people too!"

Tag: Anyone can win.

Yes, even in Swedish this ad is about as funny as her wig looks real.

Ad agency: King.
Art Director: Alexander Elers
Copywriter: Pontus Ekström
Agency producer: Markus Ahlm, Colony

Director: Jesper Kouthoofd
Producer: Knut Jensen.


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