Lynx "Compliment" (2013) :55 (U.K.)

This spot for Lynx Apollo reminds you that an astronaut never has to compliment a woman on her looks. it's all part of Lynx's Space Academy Initiative. To send a few lucky blokes to space. So they can come back and automagically have an in with every lady out there.

Agency: TMW Creative team: Luke Clark, Alex King, Graeme Noble Production company: Mind's Eye
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fuck you Lynx. Seriously when I was a little girl I wanted to be an astronaut. Quit making it a guy thing. The fireman & life guard ideas worked much better than this.

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Agreed. But no one wants to be sent to firemen or lifeguard camps. It's all for their tie-in. And p.s. the blokes who wear this eau de douche still won't get laid.